Safety and Hygiene Plan

According to the ministerial measures of prevention and hygiene against Covid-19, we have established our health and hygiene protocol as follows:

  • Exterior dining terrace reduced to 75 % occupancy with 2 metres space between tables

  • The interior dining area reduced to 40% occupancy with 2 metres space between tables

  • Maximum of 6 guests to an individual table allowed
  • Different hand sanitiser, hand-washing stations available for customers and staff

  • To avoid contagion, a QR code has been designed to download the menu dishes to the mobile phone

  • Bread offered and baked individually for each table

  • Communal condiments such as salt, pepper, oil and vinegar served in single use sachets

  • Guests can choose if they would prefer to pour their own wine

  • A protocol will be established so that customers can access the toilets in a safe way avoiding that they can be used by more than one person at a time.

  • All the workers will attend training programmes, in prevention of labor risks, specialized in Covid 19

  • In the kitchen área, staff will be provided with PPE protection elements, Permanent cleaning will be carried out throughout the day and working protocols in the preparations of dishes

Preventive actions to avoid contagion in table service:

  • Desinfection of all seats and tables and other hygienic measures after any customers use

  • Staff temperatures to be taken daily

  • All the staff will be provided with elements of protection in the facial area and so the customers feel as comfortable as posible

Following the reopening protocols established by the Ministry of Health in the ministerial order Nº SDN 399/2020, 9 th of May

La Despensa Restaurant opens its doors, complying with all distance and hygiene protocols.

To avoid saturation it is recommended to make a reservation in advance


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